To tap into the mind of the new home builder or renovator to increase desire, visibility and ultimately take-up of natural gas.


Gas wasn’t an essential: potential customers were often indifferent to gas as part of an energy mix, while their builders were simply going for the easiest and cheapest option at the time.


A hook, line and sinker approach that used a comprehensive digital arsenal to capture audience attention, draw them into a dedicated content hub and convert them to natural gas users through seamless tools.

Problem Solving

As the business that owns and operates the largest gas pipeline network in Western Australia, ATCO delivers energy to hundreds of thousands of homes and offices every day.

The challenge?

Keeping gas at the forefront of consumers’ minds in a state with new properties springing up by the hour, where builders will plump for the cheapest and easiest option, and where those building new homes or renovating are often apathetic towards it. To get to grips with the industry landscape and consumer motivations, we conducted an upfront research and strategy piece, including:

  • stakeholder interviews
  • listening analysis of two years’ online conversations
  • review and analysis of existing user feedback
  • analysis of results from user focus groups
  • a survey of Australians who own or are currently looking to buy a home

The research crystallised a key point: gas isn’t a mandatory connection—in both a literal and figurative sense.

Unlike electricity, sewage and water, a gas connection is not compulsory and builders dealing with tight margins and timelines don’t go out of their way to discuss the benefits and future cost savings of using gas across a multitude of home appliances. This, coupled with the fact that many first-home builders are more concerned with the aesthetics and purchase costs of appliances than their performance or ongoing running costs, meant that a growing number of new homes weren’t built to maximise gas energy to its full potential.

Strategic Planning

With our insights in hand, we mapped customer journeys for new home builders, and renovators and identified points where ATCO could influence energy decisions.

Following that, we devised a hook, line and sinker approach: Inspirational, informational and sometimes entertaining gas-related content pieces, video and display media would capture user attention and drive them to a content hub to learn more; rich hub content would educate users on the benefits of gas, appliances and installation; and finally tools, guides and a database look-up would walk them step by step through the connection process.

Solution Design

Experience Planning

Our UX specialists brainstormed a host of ideas and possible directions, and from these produced rough wireframes which were mapped against different features that represented the client journey. They then worked with the client to isolate which options to pursue, and create high fidelity wireframes.

Tech Scoping and Planning

Working with the ATCO team and its corporate IT suppliers, we devised a cost and time effective technical approach: using a custom application consisting of an API back-end and a separate front-end build made using a static site generator.

Campaign and Creative Direction

We collaborated with creative consultant Malcolm Maclean to assist him in developing the campaign concept: “Life’s Better When You Add Gas”. Working from the approved concept and visual direction, we then created mood boards encompassing colours, patterns and themes for digital—settling with the client on a clean, modern approach, visualising gas as a clean energy source with a blue and white palette. The use of cards and clear iconography lead to a flexible layout design which can be built on as the content in the hub expands.

A graphic of the homepage of the ATCO Better Add Gas content hub shown on a laptop.

Content Planning

While the technical and creative approaches were being set, our Activation and Engagement team was busy fleshing out plans for content and digital media to capture our audience’s attention, pull them into the hub to learn more and guide them through to conversion. This included:

  • Inspirational content on Pinterest and Houzz that would speak to the aesthetics of gas appliances.
  • Scripting and concepting a mini-series of mockumentary videos using humour to show why life’s better when you add gas.
  • Informative blog posts that address specific questions and common misconceptions.
  • A user friendly tool that simplifies the gas connection process down to just four easy online steps.
  • A comprehensive amplification plan, including paid search, display, sponsored content and social amplification.

Solution Delivery

This was a complex, multi-disciplinary project that involved every area of our business, detailed input from the client and collaboration with a multitude of external suppliers.


We engaged specialist video production company Mad Kids to bring to life our vision for the videos. The mockumentary videos depict Max and Jess, a fictional couple who fall in love while experiencing the pitfalls of life without gas.

The videos, Pinterest and Houzz inspiration boards, paid search, display and ATL campaign work together to capture audience attention and drive them through to the content hub, which is chock full of advice and useful information to help them understand the benefits of gas.

Also delivered was an ‘Energy Mix Calculator’, which provides accurate information on the real cost benefits of switching appliances from electricity to gas, built using VueJS as a highly interactive data-based drag and drop application.

A graphic of the page designs for the ATCO Better Add Gas content hub shown on mobile devices.

The Get Connected Tool closes the loop, walking users through the steps to get connected based on their location and housing scenario and referring them to relevant gas fitters or gas retailers to make it happen.

ATCO - Better Add Gas

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