Help ATCO design a greater service experience to increase gas connections, consumption and improve operational efficiency.


ATCO’s customer segments are complex and interwoven, so we needed to get a clear understanding of the needs, wants and journeys of everyone in the gas supply chain.


We led ATCO stakeholders through a series of co-design workshops to map the customer journeys, expose points of friction, and then explore, validate and roadmap the top solutions based on potential impact to the business and customers.


Part of the Canadian-based ATCO Group, ATCO Gas Australia builds, owns and maintains an underground network of pipelines that deliver natural gas to over 740,000 West Australians.

ATCO is focussed on bringing the benefits of natural gas to a growing customer base. While natural gas retains strong support as an energy choice in West Australian homes and businesses, the changing dynamics of energy supply and production at a customer level is altering the operating environment.

ATCO has made delivering an exemplary customer experience across the entire gas supply chain a top business priority. In order to realise this, the ATCO senior leadership team engaged us to assist them in obtaining an understanding of their customer segments and journeys, and identifying opportunity to improve customer experience.

Customer Journey & Empathy

Employing our collaborative co-design approach (centred on principles of appreciative inquiry), we brought together ATCO executives, their internal functional specialists and customer groups to acknowledge all views, needs and expectations. Our experience shows that projects that are the impetus for organisational improvement and change fail when stakeholder engagement and change management are not present throughout a journey, so we ensured that ATCO’s diverse stakeholder groups were engaged right from the beginning.

Armed with a range of knowledge gleaned through research and learnings in our initial engagement with ATCO, we used these customer and cultural insights to stimulate our human-centred design workshop. By involving everyone from GMs to call centre reps and field staff, we facilitated the identification of all customer groups in the gas supply chain, their end-to-end journeys, and most importantly the validation of new opportunities to serve.

Each customer journey was stepped out and validated by relevant segment proxies during the co-design workshops, which was culminated in a whole of organisation customer journey map that outlines the role of architects, engineers, developers, builders, gas fitters, retailers and the end commercial and residential gas users in researching, planning, requesting, connecting and administering a new gas connection.

We produced a comprehensive ‘tube style’ map to express the complex journeys, highlight intersections between segments and identify ten ‘opportunities’ to transform and improve the customer experiences in a meaningful way.

Solution Exploration

Using the ten solution opportunities, we led the ATCO team through our rapid ideation and validation model to flesh out the initial thinking on the proposed solutions, and then rate each of them on the perceived work effort to deliver a positive impact to the customer and to the business. This activity led to the escalation of three solutions, the first of which we are now working with ATCO to plan and scope.
Furthermore, this program of work is now feeding into the broader business transformation strategy as customer experience forms one of the primary objectives. Stay tuned for the next chapter.

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