Maintain Bedshed’s relevance - and consequently its market share - in an ever-changing industry crammed with disruption from established competitors and start-ups.


An online selection experience driving to in-store purchases would turn leads into customers, whilst easing Bedshed franchisee concerns over digital’s impact on store sales.


We evolved Bedshed’s digital retail footprint from an online catalogue to the first steps of e-commerce, via a click & collect service that is pain-free for customers and store owners alike.


From quirky beginnings selling waterbeds out of a single WA store in the 80s, Bedshed has grown into a well-established specialist bedding and bedroom furniture franchise with over 30 stores across the country.

Bedshed engaged us in mid-2013 to help them maintain relevance—and ultimately market share—in the face of a changing industry. Faced with increasing disruption from established brands and start-up e-tailers like Sleeping Duck, Greywing and Oz Mattress, the time was right to start making a bigger play in the digital retail space.

A graphic of the Bedshed Dreamsense click and collect website shown on a desktop, tablet and mobile device.

To get oriented, we reviewed the competitive landscape, analysed customer research and engaged with franchisees and head office management to get an understanding of the business. Armed with a solid grasp of their operating environment, we developed a stepped strategic roadmap that would help Bedshed evolve its digital presence from online catalogue to e-commerce.


Showing franchisees the value in digital

Because some franchisees had expressed concern over how a centralised online model may impact their individual stores’ sales, we began by developing two product configuration tools: the Mattress Selector and Bedroom Planner. Because of the nature of these tools—an online product selection experience, driving in-store to purchase—store owners and managers soon began to notice customers coming in ready to buy with a print-out product shortlist. Our tools were turning cool prospects into hot leads; they were transacting more and selling faster.

With these positive outcomes giving franchisees confidence that digital could have a positive impact on their bottom lines, we introduced an idea for the next step in the journey: click & collect. To overcome the issue of stock variances between stores, we selected ‘Dreamsense’, a private label exclusive to Bedshed with solid stock levels across all stores and planned a click & collect experience around this range.

A graphic of page designs for the Bedshed Dreamsense click and collect website displayed on a tablet.

Planning a frictionless experience for customers and admins

We established six personas whose purchase preferences set the tone for the project. Ranging from first homebuyers and young families to SINKS and DINKS, Dreamsense would cater to people seeking two things: convenience and value. This necessitated we ensure the value proposition was crystal clear and the experience frictionless—from finding a mattress through to payment and delivery or collection.

Knowing franchisees would play a critical role in delivering a successful service, we invested a large amount of time and effort into planning the admin experience to ensure it was as seamless and intuitive as possible. We identified all the potential points of friction and planned methods of mitigating and managing risks.


Just a few clicks away from a better night’s rest

Dreamsense makes buying a mattress quick and easy, with a simple four-step process:

  1. Select your perfect mattress
  2. Find your closest store
  3. Choose a date and time for collection or delivery
  4. Collect and pay in-store or get your mattress delivered to your door

Although this is a simple journey from the customer perspective, a great deal of logic and consideration have gone into design the experience to ensure customer expectations and franchisee capacity are in alignment.

Lots of power under the hood

We put a lot of thought into the back-end, analysing needs and workflows for multiple user groups. The result is a tiered admin approach, with store admins given a shop-level view focussed on managing inventory and orders and head office ‘super admins’ given the ability to export sales reports as well as oversee and manage activity for all stores.

So fresh, so clean

The Dreamsense experience is fun, inviting and super simple. With a fresh interface, crystal clear tone and useful tips to make collection a breeze, it ticks all the right boxes for a smooth customer experience from start to finish.

A graphic of the page designs for the ATCO Better Add Gas content hub shown on mobile devices.


In August 2015, Dreamsense was born. Although the launch was met with ‘excitement coupled with conscious nervousness’ from the Bedshed team, the service took flight without a hitch.

A graphic of the page designs for the Bedshed Dreamsense click and collect website shown on mobile devices.

"We needn’t have been nervous! The system launched with complete ease and success and the ease with which our network took to using the site and the excitement that it generated has been tremendous. The training, rollout and launch exceeded our expectations in terms of simplicity and results."

Michelle Vlahos Bedshed Marketing and Special Projects

The Dreamsense experience has gotten the tick of approval from customers as well, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the follow up survey.

"So easy! Very convenient and the staff were prompt in their reply, helpful, friendly and the updates, reminders and directions along with specifications on size were spot on! Thanks for such great service. Certainly made life easy for this busy full time working mum."Lina S.

"From selection to delivery in two days. Just great."Richard E.

With sales continuing to grow month on month and incredibly positive feedback from admins and customers alike, the entire experience has been a dream outcome indeed.

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