Develop mobile technology to improve the Perth airport experience for every user, from the moment they leave the front door.


There are two drivers at work: Perth Airport needs to support its key revenue streams, while the airport’s broad base of users need specific and detailed information relating to their particular flight.


A comprehensive app produced with our sister company Adapptor that delivers relevant and timely updates on flights, airport journeys, parking and more.

From traffic conditions to parking and flight statuses, the Perth Airport team recognised a major opportunity to improve the airport experience stemmed from delivering ultra relevant information to improve passengers' and meeter greeters' airport journeys. And knowing that a native mobile app would enable this information to be delivered with location, time and contextual awareness, they engaged us and sister agency Adapptor to help them plan and deliver a Perth Airport app for iOS and Android.

Experience design

The scoping process commenced with a range of stakeholders from Perth Airport sitting down with Adapptor to workshop the business goals for the app. Alongside a number of key insights, the major takeaway from these sessions was that the app needed to support and promote parking and retail, two major revenue streams for the airport.

The process of determining the app’s user features began by reviewing web-tools and applications from other airports, other transportation and logistics industries and even weather—just to push the boundaries of our thinking. This exercise left us with a large master list of features to consider; it was time to get users involved.

We surveyed some 400 West Australians, including everyone from business travellers to families, FIFO workers and holiday-makers to find out which features would be most useful to different types of airport users. This exercise enabled us to weed out a large proportion of the proposed features, leaving us with a manageable list to further test with users in qualitative workshops.

It was in these intimate, small group sessions that we really got into the nitty gritty of travelling to and through Perth Airport, ways in which the application could improve the experience and how people would use such an app. We learned that pretty much every journey to the airport is centred on a specific flight and gained hundreds of insights that informed the final scope and influenced UI decisions.

Design approach

Inspired by the unique and iconic West Australian skies, the app backdrop changes throughout the day, giving it a new look from morning through to night with the central idea of every day being a different journey.

A graphic of the screen designs for the Perth Airport app.

Using this design approach meant the UI had to be very minimal so it would work on the range of backgrounds without changing the interface styling.


The first release of the app is live and ready to help people travel better through a number of key features.

A graphic of the page designs for the Perth Airport App on mobile devices.

Putting the relevant flight at the centre of the experience. Knowing that nearly every airport trip is centred on a specific flight, the app guides you to first select the flight on which you’re a passenger or a meeter greeter and then provides you with a range of useful information focussed on that journey.

Pain-free, paperless parking. Use the app to check availability, get instant quotes, book and pay for long-term parking. When you arrive, enter the carpark by scanning the code through the app and drop a pin once you’ve parked to make it easy to find your vehicle when you return.

Real-time alerts to make your journey smooth. The app will alert you if there are changes to the flight departure or arrival time and provide traffic updates to let you know when to leave to arrive on time.

VIP treatment in the terminals. Once you’ve arrived in the terminal, the app delivers exclusive shopping and food offers to enjoy before you fly.

The Perth Airport App is now available as a free download, get it on iOS or Android.

A photograph of the Perth Airport App on a mobile phone.

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