Research uncovered that buying land and building a home were unfamiliar and uncomfortable processes for potential customers.


The Satterley customer needs inspirational, personalised and seamless support, from selecting a block through to moving into their new home.


We collaboratively designed a comprehensive digital experience to help future homeowners through every step of the buying process.

Hatchd has been collaborating with Australia’s largest independent land developer to grow happy communities since 2015. Satterley asked us to devise their digital strategy, optimise their business intelligence and ultimately help them increase leads and sales. Through collaboration with Satterley executives, investors, builders and homebuyers, we did that and more.

Problem Solving

We knew major life events triggered new home purchases, but user journey workshops revealed that people shopping for a home were also often entering a new stage in life - seeking to upsize to fit a family, for example. Buying a house is just as much an emotional decision as it is a financial one, but it seemed there was a lack of understanding around the land selection and purchase process for the Satterley customer.

Buying land and building a home is unfamiliar to many of Satterley’s customers, and property ownership terms like “rear-loaded” and “setbacks” were described by interviewees as “another language”. This highlighted an opportunity to increase the information available on Satterley’s existing digital platforms - which included a website and Facebook pages - to meet customer needs. We realised that enabling customers to visualise their future communities and amenities with easy-to-find information was critical to purchase.

The tracking in place was also not allowing Satterley to be able to respond to buyers’ requirements and provide each prospective homeowner the personalised, supportive content they need. The CRM system was underutilised and didn’t produce the necessary marketing intelligence to let the business create better user experiences throughout the sales process.

"Digital transformation of our business model involved a high level of complexity and stakeholder management. During this process, it was important to focus on the primary objective of this transformation – creating a better customer experience, which in return delivers better ROI from marketing activities and improves lead to sale conversion ratio."

Matej Nvota Satterley

Solution Design

Experience planning

A comprehensive problem analysis was completed, which took into account:

  • Current user journeys and focus group insights
  • The construction of user personas
  • Business overview workshops
  • A competitor landscape analysis
  • Feedback from the managers of Satterley estates

Our findings made it clear there was a vital need for a smoother and more efficient experience for homebuyers, and a solution that caters for multiple businesses, as each Satterley estate operates as an entity with its own different look, feel and needs.

Working with Satterley, our teams co-designed a strategic direction that would feed our shared vision of inspirational, data-rich support for buyers throughout the whole homebuying and moving in process.

This strategy culminated in a new website, comprising some key solution designs:

  • A new way of using the data collection system to create and serve personalised content
  • Producing supportive digital content to make customers feel confident that they are making the right choice
  • Creating a robust search functionality that enables people to easily find land that suits their needs
  • Creating visuals and content opportunities to instigate an emotional connection that sells the Satterley vision
  • Helping digital users visualise future homes, amenities and lots via maps, floorplans, photography and video
  • Lead generation social advertising to convert social users to qualified buyers

Tech scoping and planning

With a focus on developing and capturing leads, as well as creating the most useful land search capabilities possible, we worked in very close collaboration with both Satterley and a number of third party suppliers to produce a highly dynamic new website driven by CRM data. Through continuous, collaborative communication we were able to carry out full integration with third party systems in one of our largest Plone 5 projects.

A two way integration with the CRM allows all administrative work to be completed within the Manager, then be reflected on the website through tailored options presented to the user in each estate’s sign-up forms and self-service subscription preferences.

An additional integration draws in information and data from an FTP which holds estate size and positioning data. We employed spatial data processing techniques to display this size and positioning data and images from the FTP on a Google map, and implemented human search criteria - for example ‘near a beach’ or ‘close to a school’ - to allow users to more easily discover lots that meet their wants and needs.

We also created functionality to allow Satterley to self-manage the website through a control panel, and its surveyor partner to update map data independently.

A graphic of the Satterley website shown on two laptop screens.

Creative direction

Our creative direction focused on large scale aspirational photography, highlighting the lifestyle and experiences of these communities, to create an emotional connection for future homebuyers.

Each land development’s pages have subtle secondary colour markers to distinguish them from each other and to help potential buyers understand the different visions, while bold colours accentuate search and filter areas to make this functionality the key focus of these pages.

A graphic of the designs for three pages of the Satterley website.

"Hatchd played an important role in this process, successfully guiding us through the different stages of this process. The end result: a significantly improved customer experience on our new website, and the ability to improve the quality of our digital touch points along the customer journey."

Matej Nvota Satterley

Solution Delivery

Through a complex and truly collaborative project, Satterley’s new sales tool now features the business-critical functionality it was missing, and reflects a renewed, responsive brand with a renewed, responsive website.

Finding Satterley lots has never been easier: our custom-built intuitive search and filter system puts customer needs at the forefront, allowing them to search for land to match their budget, location and taste.

A photograph of the Satterley website homepage displayed on a desktop computer.

Our experience design and strategic direction sells a community vision through inspirational imagery, maps and plans, allowing future homeowners to imagine their life in a Satterley estate. Static content guides customers through the buying process, while template flexibility allows Satterley to provide customers with the type of comprehensive information that’s invaluable to decision-making, for example videos and spec sheets.

We’ve also influenced the way Satterley talks with its customers. Data-capturing mechanisms feed into a CRM to paint a picture of the Satterley customer, while a single newsletter sign-up means the new digital offering can serve personalised content and trace down a promising lead.

The digital solution we developed has made an ongoing process of development and digital transformation possible for Satterley, with exciting functional additions still on the horizon.

A graphic of the icons developed for the Satterley website.

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