Apart from a brief stint as fast food server in high school (which ended abruptly after being confronted with a knife wielding assailant hell bent on “ALL THE CASH IN THE TILL… and a large chips please”*), I’ve always worked in a corporate office.

In almost every office some effort is put into staff benefits. Those little things that can make working there special and help you get through stressful days. Most employers I’ve worked for have figured out one of the key secrets to a happy workforce: coffee and food. Digital agencies do this really well, but Hatchd have taken it to the next level. While your average office might provide you with milk for your coffee and some Vegemite for your bread, Hatchd knows the recipe for happy productive Hatchlings is an unlimited supply of toasted sandwiches (extra cheese on the outside optional), a fridge full of Coke and an Italian coffee machine.

Around here caffeine is king. In your run of the mill office, if you are lucky, management may have provided staff with a 6-foot coffee dispenser. The behemoth monstrosity comes with a bevy of options such as: “Hot Drink with the Flavour of Soup”. If this machine ever existed in an agency it would be for ironic reasons only. Staff here can produce better coffee than your average Perth barista. And if you are in charge of ordering the coffee you better learn quickly to make sure there are enough coffee beans. Stash them in every hidden corner of the office because you must never, ever run out.

Being an Administration Assistant means that one of my jobs is to look after the food order at Hatchd. There is a weird sense of satisfaction when you hear people get excited about something you added to the order. On the flip-side there is also the burden of shame when something runs out (I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my fellow Hatchlings for the time the bread ran out and you all had a melt down - my bad**).

From the outside, unlimited coffee and toasted sandwiches might not seem like a big deal. But at Hatchd a toasted sandwich is not just a toasted sandwich and coffee is not just coffee. It’s a warm, cheesy, gooey, buzz inducing daily reminder that you are a valued and we care about you.

There is something special about coming into work and knowing that you are going to be taken care of. If you are running late and don’t have time for breakfast, its ok - there will be fruit toast in the freezer. You didn’t bring lunch? Make that toasted sandwich or a salad. Having a bad day and nothing will fix it but Nutella? Well, there is a huge jar waiting for you in the cupboard, you don’t even need to bring your own spoon.

We always want to hear from likeminded people who are interested in the kind of work we do. If you think you could be the next Hatchdling, drop us a line at jobs@hatchd.com.au any time.

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