The internet abounds with articles on how technology is ruining love and nobody’s romantic anymore. Like, somehow, iPhones and internet have bastardized the noble idea of romance.

I disagree.

Being a pro at long-distance, I can assure you that Facebook messages can read just as beautifully as ‘real’ letters, and Skype dates are the most anticipated and significant moments in your week.

Technology isn’t killing romance. It is, however, contributing to its re-definition. Romance is an ever-evolving concept; it has already dramatically changed. After all, there’s a distinct lack of people building their beloved a Taj Mahal or Hanging Gardens of Babylon anymore, and thankfully the wearing of goatskin thongs seems just as rare.

Despite this, I would argue that we can now be romantic in lots of new, creative ways.

Technology is actually awesome at bringing people together, expanding our horizons and keeping in touch—all of which are important factors to building and maintaining relationships.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, let me give a bit of loving to our sweet, sweet technology. Here’s a list of my top 7 modern-day romantic gestures (I promise there’s no flash mob proposal in this list):

1. When this Google employee proposed to his girlfriend Leslie in the Google Maps Street View.

2. This guy’s Instagram account, filled with photos of his girlfriend dragging him around the world. The series started as an accident.

3. When someone, somewhere in California, wrote this cute geeky love poem in the street.

4. When these two men got married on Skype to circumvent the law in Texas.

5. This lolcat proposal.

6. When this boy in a long-distance relationship created a music video that went viral on YouTube and eventually reached his girlfriend.

7. And, my personal favourite, this poem written through song titles on Spotify.

One last thought...

I don’t think we should blame technology for our own laziness. Being romantic is about putting that extra bit of thought and effort in, not about the medium you’re using. And if hand-written notes are more your thing than texts, there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing a pen and piece of paper!

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