The Hatchd / Adapptor studio covers two distinct spaces: one side is beautiful, light-filled and inspiring with wood floors and exposed brick. The other was, in stark contrast, adorned with fluorescent lighting, cubicle desks and brown berber, which made it markedly less apt to cultivate free range thinking.

Like a montage from a bad movie, we were able to fluff hair, apply makeup and get our back office ready for the prom. The boxy desks, cork boards and dull lighting were removed and in their place… well, you’ll have to watch the awesome time-lapse video our team has lovingly put together.

The footage was shot with a GoPro, capturing a few frames per day throughout the renovation. We think it’s a great way to tell a story without a long-winded diary and are stoked with the result — and our glam new space!

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