“Shmickness” is that extra special touch, that je ne sais quoi that elevates something from the mundane to the delightful. It’s spending the extra effort to ensure the shrinkwrap on your products is perfect, or sprinkling some humor and brand voice into your 404 page.

Giving consideration to seemingly low priority items like 404 pages results in a fuller, more engaging experience for the user.

Whatever you do, try to sprinkle on a little extra “shmickness”; it makes all the difference!

Hatchlings on shmickness

My “shmick” experience was receiving a leather wallet from an Aussie label on the East Coast. From the shreds of the Australia Post bag - which I destroyed to get to the good stuff - emerged a beautiful box in which my leather wallet lay. The box was made of crisp heavy card and beautifully finished; I felt it really spoke the brand. Deanne


I love how the medium website pops up with an unobtrusive inline comment/share prompt if you select some text. It’s a great touch, as medium is all about the written word. Pascal


You wouldn’t necessarily think that there’s a lot of opportunity for schmickness from your cleaner - something’s sparkling or it’s not, right? I would have thought so except for the real appreciation I felt when our office cleaner responded to a dirty cup and tea strainer on my desk (it was a really hectic day - I’m not an awful person!). Instead of cleaning around it, our cleaner actually washed the cup and strainer, then made a paper towel coaster for them and popped them both back on my desk, just to the side of my keyboard so I immediately saw them when I came in. I felt cared for and yes, a little warm and fuzzy. Mars

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