The user experience is intrinsically linked to content, design & technology. Most users come to your website or app looking for a specific piece of information. Provide what they’re looking for and you’ve satisfied their need. If you don’t provide the information they need, or make it too hard to find, users will get frustrated and look elsewhere. Although this is arguably an overly simplified view, it’s vital that your site content is directly tied to user goals.

Here are some tips to ensure your content contributes to an amazing user experience:

  • Be useful. Forget about what you want to say, write what your users want to know. Content that doesn’t directly relate to user goals is irrelevant and has no place on your site.
  • Listen to data, not your gut. Use your analytics to understand which content users are searching for and consuming. Create more of this.
  • Keep it concise. Don’t make your users read a page of text for a snippet of information. In the words of Steve Krug: Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what’s left.
  • Say it right. Do your research and really get to know your users. Use the most appropriate language, tone and format for their consumption.
  • Be timely. Publish your content at the best times and days of the week and integrate topical elements where ever possible.
  • Make it discoverable. The best, most useful content is worthless if users can’t find it. This means the labelling, structure and design of your site play a critical role in satisfying user needs.

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